In accordance with pSTAKE Finance’s terms of use and regulatory considerations, the pSTAKE dApp, will no longer be accessible from certain jurisdictions after 1 March 2024

The following list of countries has also been geo-blocked with regard to legal and regulatory considerations: Barbados, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gibraltar, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, North Korea, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Cuba, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Why is the pSTAKE front-end being geo-blocked?

Please note that the front-ends will only be geo-blocked and unavailable in the relevant jurisdictions from 1 March 2024. This is done having regard to legal and regulatory considerations. While this would inconvenience certain users of pSTAKE in the short term, we believe, in the future, there may be alternate front-ends hosted by third parties.

I am a user in one of these jurisdictions; how can I use the pSTAKE app going forward?

a. The pSTAKE module is open source, and anyone can interact with it even without relying on the front ends.

b. Users can also self-host front-end applications using the publicly available code for the decentralised applications.

c. Use alternate frontends hosted by validators.

What happens if I fail to withdraw my assets from the application before 1 March 2024 and the ge-blocking kicks into effect?

Unstaking of stkTokens through the pSTAKE UI will be accessible to users even after 1 March 2024. However, depositing tokens and minting stkTokens and other DeFi applications through the pSTAKE dApp UI will be geo- blocked for regulatory considerations.

For any further concerns, you can reach out for help here.

How do I bridge my PSTAKE from Cosmos to Ethereum and vice versa if I cannot access the pBridge?

There exist other Gravity Bridge frontends like which you may use to transfer PSTAKE tokens to and from Persistence. It is important to note that PSTAKE tokens ported over to Gravity Chain would first have to be sent to the Persistence Core-1 chain before they can be used within the broader Cosmos ecosystem.

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