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Exchange rate model

pSTAKE issues liquid staked stkBNB against user’s BNB deposits based on an exchange-rate, inspired by the Compound’s cToken model. The stkBNB/BNB exchange rate is determined as follows:

Learn more about the Exchange rate formula.

stkBNB in DeFi

Users holding stkBNB can participate in DeFi protocols to generate additional yield on top of their staking rewards. pSTAKE will consistently keep adding more DeFi use-cases for stkBNB to expose stkBNB holders to multiple yield opportunities.

Currently active opportunity:

  • stkBNB/BNB Pancakeswap Farm

    • Provide liquidity in the pool to earn trading fees
    • Stake LP from pool to Pancakeswap Farm to earn CAKE rewards
    • Instantly exit stkBNB staked position by swapping stkBNB for BNB
  • PSTAKE/BUSD Pancakeswap Pool

  • stkBNB/BNB Alpaca Leverage Yield Farming pool

    • Deposit stkBNB or BNB to Alpaca farms to earn high yields
    • Adjust leverage to get higher rewards
    • Instantly exit the vault by paying an exit fee