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  • How much is my stkATOM worth?
    The value of 1 stkATOM goes on increasing as it accrues staking rewards over time. This is because stkATOM follows a cToken model whose value changes based on the amount of underlying ATOM. Users staking/unstaking on the pSTAKE protocol are charged the ongoing rate which is displayed on the app UI.

  • Why do I get less stkATOM for my ATOM?
    stkATOM follows an exchange rate model (also known as the cToken Model) which results in stkATOM increasing in value against ATOM as the protocol accrues staking rewards. Thus, 1 stkATOM is worth more after each reward epoch, or 24 hours. Liquid stakers are given stkATOM tokens at the prevailing exchange rate at the moment they stake.

  • What is the unbonding period for stkATOM?
    Users can claim ATOM from the pSTAKE protocol 21 days after the unstaking transaction. To avoid waiting for 21 days, try using the Instant Redeem option on the unstaking page!

  • How do I receive rewards?
    Rewards accrue into the value of stkATOM which increases after every reward epoch. Users start earning rewards from the end of the first day after staking.

  • Does pSTAKE charge for the service?
    See the rewards section for further details. pSTAKE charges 5% on liquid staking rewards, where 95% goes to stkATOM holders and 5% goes to the protocol. In order to pay for transaction fees, users may need to hold a small amount of XPRT on the Persistence chain.

  • How is my stake distributed to validators?
    See the Validator Delegation Strategy section for further details. Your stake is distributed equally to all validators in our set. Validators in the set are chosen in order to optimise uptime, low commission rates, high governance participation, and low instances of slashing.

  • I’m holding ERC-20 stkATOM. How do I migrate to the new stkATOM on Cosmos?
    See the Migration Tool section for more information. We have compiled a user guide for the migration, and the tool itself will also guide you through the process.