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pSTAKE Alpha Launch

1. What is pSTAKE alpha launch?

pSTAKE Alpha launch is the test launch of the pSTAKE application to enable initial users to try out the product and provide feedback on their experience. The Alpha launch is scheduled for 15th June, 2021 with support for Cosmos Network (ATOM).

2. On which testnet is the Alpha release launched?

The Alpha release will be launched on the Cosmos network with pSTAKE’s interchain bridge, pBridge, connecting a private Cosmos testnet with the Ethereum Ropsten testnet.

3. How do I get the testnet tokens?

Test tokens for the Ethereum Ropsten testnet can be received here:

Test tokens for the Cosmos private testnet can be received using the Faucet button in the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel).

4. What if I have exhausted all my testnet tokens?

You can procure more test tokens from the testnet faucets by following the procedure shared in the Process section of the Bug Bounty Participation Instructions.

5. What can I do with the testnet tokens?

pSTAKE Alpha launch supports following functionalities for the Cosmos network Private testnet that can be performed using the test tokens:

  • Wrap / Unwrap
  • Stake / Unstake
  • Claim Staking Rewards
  • Redeem Unbonded Tokens

For further details visit Protocol Features.

6. How do I participate in the Bug Bounty program?

The bug bounty program allows initial users to identify bugs and raise issues found with the pSTAKE application. To participate in the bug bounty program, you must have a GitHub account. If you identify an issue with the application please follow the steps given in Raise an Issue section of the Bug Bounty Participation Instructions.

7. What if I don’t have a Github account?

A user will need a GitHub account to raise issues. This helps us to keep track of the users and their rewards eligibility in a more streamlined manner. We therefore suggest you create a GitHub account using this guide.

8. Can I raise multiple issues?

Of course, you can raise as many issues as you discover! However, before raising an issue, it is advisable to check the existing issues for duplicates. In case of duplicates, only the first entry will be considered for rewards.

9. Who decides the category of the bugs raised?

The bugs are categorized as High/Medium/Low threat based on their criticality. The categorization is carried out by the pSTAKE team and is not open to dispute.

10. If I comment on an existing issue, am I eligible for rewards?

No, only users identifying and raising unique and reproducible bugs shall be eligible for rewards. However, we highly encourage our users to comment on existing issues for all seemingly necessary details/insights as this will help the team to create a better user experience, eventually helping you earn higher yields.

11. When will the rewards be distributed?

Rewards for ‘High’ threat issues shall be disbursed immediately and the rewards for ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ threat issues shall be disbursed within 30 days after the conclusion of the program.

12. Have more questions?

Please ask any other questions in the ‘pSTAKE’ channel of the Persistence Discord server. The team will be happy to assist.