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WhitelistedPTokenEmission Contract

This contract is used to store the values of what DeFi pool contract addresses have been whitelisted for a particular SToken, for a particular holder contract. There could be multiple whitelisted addresses connected to a single holder contract and there can be more than one SToken kinds connected to a single whitelisted address. This contract also houses logic to basically calculate the holder rewards that is basically passed to the holder contract, triggered by operation in the DeFi pool, or triggered explicitly.

Sighash Function Signature
c4d66de8 initialize(address)
36bbacad getHolderData(address)
8575f9c7 areContractsWhitelisted(address,address[])
fdaaf2b8 calculateAllHolderRewards(address)
cad08655 calculateAllPendingHolderRewards(address)
eab573dc setWhitelistedAddress(address,address[],address,address)
530cd5ab removeWhitelistedAddress(address)
8456cb59 pause()
3f4ba83a unpause()