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Staking Gala

1. Will alpha launch remain active during the Staking Gala?

Yes, pSTAKE Alpha release will remain active on Current users of Alpha can continue using the application. The Staking Gala is launched on a separate Cosmos testnet chain and new Ethereum token contract instances. Find more details on the Alpha launch.

2. What happens to test ATOM I’m using in the Alpha application?

You can continue using your existing balances for test ATOM, pATOM, and stkATOM on the Alpha application. You can also procure ATOM for the pSTAKE Alpha Testnet through the Discord channel. However, these assets cannot be used on the Staking Gala platform. No asset transfer is possible between pSTAKE Alpha application and pSTAKE Staking Gala.

3. Can I use the Discord faucet for Staking Gala tokens?

No, the Discord faucet tokens are for the pSTAKE Alpha Testnet running on the Alpha application. The Staking Gala runs on a different test chain, so you cannot procure Staking Gala test tokens from the Discord faucet.

4. Can I use my existing Cosmos account?

Yes, you can, provided you have more than 500 ATOM already. Your assets are automatically replicated through a snapshot just before the start of the Gala. If you don’t hold 500 ATOM, you can register using the link, to obtain 500 test ATOM.

5. Do I register if I have more than 500 ATOM?

No, you don’t need to register if you have more than 500 ATOM. Such registrations are filtered out and receive test tokens through a Cosmos chain snapshot on 30th June 12:00 PM UTC.

6. Do you have any more questions?

For more info or questions, reach us on the pSTAKE channel of the Persistence Discord server.