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StakeLP contract

This contract is used for staking and unstaking of LP tokens. These LP tokens are created by various DeFi Pools such as Sushiswap, and has stkTokens as at least one of the token which is deposited / added as liquidity. Once the LP Tokens are staked to StakeLP contract, the user resumes accuring of rewards in the form of pATOMs for stkTokens which he/she has deposited into the DeFi pool. Working alongwith the Holder Logic, StakeLP contract ensures that the pATOM rewards are not trapped inside DeFi pool's deposit contracts and are transferred to stakers as per their timeshare in the StakeLP.

Sighash Function Signature
56688700 addLiquidity(address,uint256)
cf756fdf initialize(address,address,address,uint256)
670cc9e4 calculatePendingRewards(address,address)
883a2a01 _getRewardData(address,address[],uint256[],uint256,uint256,uint256[],address[])
483cb604 _calculateRewards(address,address)
2cea1dce calculateSyncedRewards(address)
a201ccf6 removeLiquidity(address,uint256)
9933d9ac setWhitelistedPTokenEmissionContract(address)
f38c3111 setWhitelistedRewardEmissionContract(address)
8456cb59 pause()
3f4ba83a unpause()