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Proposal Lifecycle

All protocol decisions taken through governance are expected to follow a predetermined proposal lifecycle, in order to ensure maximum transparency within the pSTAKE community and maintain consistency. The mentioned lifecycle is also subject to amends through governance, based on community feedback.

1) Community discussion

  • A governance decision is suggested to be discussed on the pSTAKE forum before posting a proposal on pSTAKE Snapshot space.
  • Holding such discussion is at the discretion of the author.
  • If the author decides to start discussion on the forum, each unique proposal discussion is suggested to have its own thread in order to keep the discussion focused.
  • The purpose of these discussions is to capture feedback from the broader pSTAKE community, and refine ideas before formalisation.
  • The author is encouraged to address all comments and take feedback into consideration.

Duration : Open ended

2) Formalisation

After discussion with the community, the post is to be formalised in the form of pSTAKE Improvement Proposal Proposal template: * Title : should include what the proposal is about, and be preceded by correct proposal number. * Abstract : a short technical summary that gives a gist of the specifications of the proposal. Abstract could also include a link to corresponding forum thread. * Motivation : describing the ‘why’ of the proposal; explaining the problem it solves, the use-case(s), and the benefit it provides to the pSTAKE protocol / stakeholders / underlying networks. * Specification : syntax and semantics of any new feature, or change, at a technical level that is detailed enough to allow implementation by the development team. * Considerations : to discuss the governance and security implications of the proposal * Governance implications should highlight potential impact on protocol operations/parameters including voting mechanism, protocol revenue streams, treasury, etc. * Security implications should highlight potential impact on the security of the protocol and the underlying networks, including risks and threats, and how they will be addressed.

3) Snapshot Voting

  • Once the proposal has been formalised, based on the suggested template, it can be posted on the pSTAKE Snapshot Space.
  • Once the proposal is posted, it will go through a 1-Day Voting Delay period before the voting period starts.
  • After the delay period, the proposal will go through a 7-Day Voting Period, during which all PSTAKE holders will be able to vote (For, Against, or Abstain) on the live proposal.

4) Implementation

  • If the proposal passes, pSTAKE team will implement the changes proposed, and may reach out to the proposal authors for any assistance if required.

  • Note: the pSTAKE team holds the right to veto against implementing a passed proposal within 72 hours after the proposal is passed. The team will thoroughly explain its stance in such scenario in order to maintain full transparency

Implementation duration : at least 6 days