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Participation Instructions


  • Users must have installed MetaMask browser extension to connect in PC, or MetaMask Mobile to connect in mobile devices via WalletConnect, for managing Ethereum Ropsten Testnet assets.
  • Users must install Keplr wallet to manage Cosmos Private Testnet assets.
  • The Keplr wallet account should be initialized. To initialize the account the user needs to carry out a ‘Receive’ transaction. A Faucet will be provided for the same on the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel).
  • Users need to have a Github account to raise issues for the bug bounty program.


  • Visit the pSTAKE Alpha release link:
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet and select Ropsten Testnet
  • Test tokens for the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet can be received here:

  • You can receive test ATOMs for our private Cosmos Testnet from the Faucet in the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel). If you are using a new wallet account on Keplr, you will have to initialize the account by performing a minimalistic ‘Receive’ transaction

  • The application supports following functionalities for the Cosmos network private testnet:

    • Wrap / Unwrap
    • Stake / Unstake
    • Claim Staking Rewards
    • Redeem Unbonded Tokens
  • For further details read Protocol Features.

  • You can visit our User guide for detailed instructions on how to use individual application features

Identify a Bug

  • While using the application, if you identify a bug, you can raise an issue to be eligible for the rewards.
  • Note, that for the bug to be eligible for rewards, it has to be reproducible i.e, it is reproduced consistently by following a set of actions.
  • If an issue is not reproducible, you can highlight it to the team through pSTAKE’s discord channel.

Raise an Issue

  • Once you identify an issue, go to the GitHub repository, and visit the Issues section.
  • In the Issues section, search existing issues to confirm that the issue has not been raised by anyone else. In case of duplicates, only the first entry will be considered.
  • If the issue has not been raised already, create a new issue using this guide.
  • On the New issue page, follow the issue template shared to add the necessary details.
  • After adding the details, submit the issue. This will add your raised issue to the list of active issues.
  • You can also add comments on existing issues (both open and closed) to highlight any further details.

Next Steps

  • The pSTAKE team will diligently track the issues raised and categorize them as High/Medium/Low threat based on its criticality.
  • The categorization decision for an issue is the sole discretion of pSTAKE and shall not be open to dispute.
  • Rewards for High threat issues shall be disbursed immediately and the rewards for Medium/Low threat issues shall be disbursed within 30 days after the end of the program (before 25th July).

Join our discord channel in case of any further questions on the bug bounty program.