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PSTAKE is the governance and incentivization token of the pSTAKE protocol. It is an ERC-20 token and powers the protocol’s ecosystem in the following ways:


PSTAKE holders are encouraged to participate in the protocol’s governance to ensure its long-term success and security.
Learn more about pSTAKE Governance here.


In order to ensure long-term success of the protocol, the PSTAKE token will be used to incentivise the core contributors of the pSTAKE ecosystem. PSTAKE will also be used as a dis-incentivization token in case stakeholders staking the token act maliciously or are unable to perform their respective duties appropriately. Learn more about the PSTAKE here.

Token Distribution

The Total Genesis Supply of PSTAKE will be 500,000,000. The distribution is designed to maximize decentralisation of protocol governance, while adequately incentivising the core contributors of the long-term growth of the protocol.

Token Distribution Token Supply

Token Contracts

Description Contract Address
ERC20 0xfB5c6815cA3AC72Ce9F5006869AE67f18bF77006
BEP20 0x4C882ec256823eE773B25b414d36F92ef58a7c0C