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pSTAKE protocol is committed to providing superior staking experience to its users, and all community members are encouraged to participate in protocol governance in order to ensure long-term success of the protocol and the ecosystem at large.

pSTAKE aims to create a cohesive community by putting the governance of the protocol in their hands. Through governance the community will get an opportunity to propose changes and vote on key protocol parameters such as fees, safelisting of validators, execution of protocol upgrades to ensure efficiency and stability, implementation of new features, etc.

The governance processes will take place on:

Learn more about Snapshot

Community members will have to join pSTAKE Finance on Snapshot, in order to create new proposals and vote on the open proposals. To create a proposal, you need to have at least a threshold amount of pSTAKE tokens and to vote on a proposal you need to hold some PSTAKE tokens.