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How to connect a blockchain wallet

You can begin using pSTAKE by signing into any of the following wallets:

  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect
  • WalletLink

As you sign into your Ethereum account, ensure that the MetaMask extension is installed and added to your browser.

 Recommended browser: Chrome

Refer the steps to get connected to your wallets: MetaMask for laptop users WalletConnect for mobile users WalletLink for mobile users

Please follow the steps mentioned to setup wallets,

Steps to setup MetaMask

  • Install MetaMask Chrome extension
  • Connect to pSTAKE and add tokens pATOM, stkATOM
    • On the first Sign-in attempt, MetaMask will automatically request you to add the pATOM and stkATOM tokens.
    • In case you miss the request, you can add the tokens again later using the Add Token button under the Assets tab, and enter the contract addresses for pATOM and stkATOM tokens given in our Contract List

      Connect Metamask

Step to setup Keplr