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Governance Parameters

This section highlights a non-exhaustive list of parameters and actions that the community can govern through the proposed governance mechanism. The pSTAKE community is also encouraged to explore new horizons of governance parameters and actions as pSTAKE expands support for new networks and ecosystems.

Protocol Economics

Parameters Description Current Value
Minting Fees Fee on minting of stkASSETs as a % of deposit amount
(Independent for each network)
Service Fees Fee charged as % of staking rewards after commission
(Independent for each network)
Fee Distribution for verticals Stakeholders amongst whom fee is distributed
Fee distribution % % distribution of fee amongst verticals
Reward rate for stkASSETs Staking rewards on stkASSETs issued on pSTAKE stkATOM: ~12%
stkXPRT: ~33%

pSTAKE Stakeholders

Parameters Description Current Value
Addition / Removal of new validator Managing independent validator sets for each
supported network
Validator scoring parameters Independent evaluation of each supported
  • Existing delegation
  • Commission rate
  • On-chain performance
  • Governance participation
  • Data-centre decentralisation
Stake distribution strategy
amongst validators
How assets deposited on pSTAKE will be
distributed between pSTAKE validators
Equal distribution
Community Dev Fund Multisig
Multisig members for allocation of community
development fund based on governance
6/11 threshold signature signing
Community Dev Fund allocation Foster community initiatives through development
fund allocation

Snapshot Parameters

Parameters Description Current Value
Proposal Threshold minimum number of tokens required
to create a proposal
250,000 PSTAKE
Delay period Time period between when proposal is
posted and start of voting
1 Day
Voting Period Duration of active voting on live proposals 7 Days
Voting Type Mechanism of voting on live proposals
(Learn more about Voting Types)
Basic voting
  • Each voter may select a single
    choice (out of For, Against,
    Abstain) to give his total voting
    power to
Voting Strategy Mechanism for evaluation voting results
(Learn more about Strategies)
  • Returns ERC-20 token balance
    (PSTAKE in our case) of voter
  • 1 token = 1 vote
Quorum Minimum participation required for
proposal result to be considered
2,500,000 PSTAKE