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Getting started on the App

Home page

The Home page of the pSTAKE app consists of your dashboard, task menu pane, and staking-related information in the right pane and page bottom:

  • Total pATOM deposited
  • Total ATOM staked
  • Total Value Locked
  • Total Value Locked (with StakeLP)

Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 4 30 04 PM

Balances region

Find the pATOM and stkATOM balance in the Balances region as you perform deposit, withdraw, stake, unstake, and claim transactions.

Unclaimed Rewards region

View the unclaimed rewards pATOM in the right pane of the application. To find the updated balance of pending rewards accrued, click the Refresh icon. The application automatically recalculates the rewards when you click the Claim Now button.

Unbonding Tokens region

Your unbonding tokens are displayed in the right pane of the application. click the Refresh icon to view the latest number.

Unbonded Tokens region

Your unbonded tokens are displayed in the right pane of the application. To find the updated unbonded tokens, click the Refresh icon. After you view your unbonded tokens, you can redeem them by using the Redeem Now button.

Task pane

All the staking tasks are arranged in a left pane of the application. Click the relevant item to perform your tasks:

  • Staking: Includes Stake, Unstake and Withdraw tabs
  • Rewards: Includes Claim, restake and Withdraw tabs
  • Liquidity Pools: PSTAKE offers different farming opportunities where users can stake their LP tokens to farm pATOM and pXPRT tokens. Farming is currently available on Ethereum for stkATOM-ETH and stkXPRT-ETH LP tokens.
  • Transactions: All your transactions on pSTAKE are displayed in the Transactions page. You can review the details and track the status of your transaction. If no transactions exist, nothing is displayed.

To review the transactions offline in detail, you can print them or export them to a comma separated value (.csv) * or Excel format (xlsx).


Wallets can be used to store, secure, send, stake, and earn rewards. You can use the following wallets in pSTAKE:

  • Ethereum wallets: Install and use MetaMask wallet to transact ether (ETH) on the blockchain.
  • Cosmos wallets: Install the Keplr extension on Chrome and transact ATOM in this inter blockchain ecosystem.
  • Ledger: pSTAKE enables you to use the widely used hardware wallet, Ledger, where you can store your private keys in a secure physical device.