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Beta Release

pSTAKE’s first liquid staking solution for the Cosmos Network with issuance of the staked representatives on the Ethereum Mainnet is currently live in beta. The beta release of the pSTAKE app is a capped version with a max capping of 125,000 ATOM. The capped approach allows us to scale up the application usage smoothly while pSTAKE undergoes security audits from some of the top security auditors.

The cap will be increased every week to account for more users and more demand for liquid staking through pSTAKE. The schedule can be found below:

  • 13th July, 2021: 50,000 ATOM Total Cap
  • 19th July, 2021: 65,000 ATOM Total Cap
  • 26th July, 2021: 80,000 ATOM Total Cap
  • 2nd August, 2021: 95,000 ATOM Total Cap
  • 9th August, 2021: 110,000 ATOM Total Cap
  • 16th August, 2021: 125,000 ATOM Total Cap
  • 23rd August, 2021: Removal of capping (No max cap)

In the beta version, every wallet will have a wrapping cap of 500 ATOM. In case transactions performed exceed the wallet cap/platform cap, the transaction will be reversed (this does not account for the gas fee). Minimum deposit amount per transaction is 5 ATOM.

Until the uncapped launch there will be no fees charged by pSTAKE, i.e, * Wrapping Fee - 0.00% * Service Fee - 0.00%

NOTE: pSTAKE’s offered staking rewards are calculated after taking the validator commissions into account.